1. Text Content

Your online dating profile is one, if not THE most essential part of your online dating arsenal that can make or break your goal of making successful online hookups. With that in mind, your online dating profile should stand on the premise of being confident and assertive, but not too arrogant and egotistical. Women can be easily put off by men who are overly cocky. And no matter how much this should be about you, your profile is made to attract women, so focus only on your target audience and not yourself. One useful tip to make online hookups happen is to write it with the type of women who are potentially anxious to sleep with you in mind. They might have been in boring relationships, or never had a real true lover, or want to expand their sexual horizons. They need you because you will give them a night they will never forget. Basically, you need to be the fantasy they want, and in many cases, one night is all they need! Girls love playing with fire, but they don’t want to get burned by touching the flame too long.

Here are a few examples of things you can mention in your online dating profile. You can say that you are just there because of a bet, doing it just for fun, it piqued your curiosity, or to make your friend feel more at ease on signing up for his own account. Be a little creative and quirky. Say things that are unexpected and avoid clichés. Women love a guy who stands out and is boldly charming. While you don’t necessarily need to take it to extremes in your online dating profile, don’t say you like to sit on the couch, watch football and drink a six-pack with a bag of chips.

If you don’t have any interesting activities, take one up. It’s good for you anyway. The more adventurous or exotic, the better: surfing, mountaineering, kayaking, skydiving, street dancing, playing an instrument, theater acting, or writing. You only need one. Why? It’s because you need to show you are passionate about something so she can find you interesting. It can be anything, but extreme sports or activities are the best. These activities should be backed up with photos.

When you are creating your online dating profile, you also want to express a dry and clever sense of humor. Be the guy everybody wants to be around with at a party because he makes people laugh. Be confident. You don’t care what anybody thinks about you, and you seek approval from no one. Be slightly sarcastic, but not overly. One online dating profile tip to express humor is to poke fun on online dating sites, and jest that you aren’t one to back down from a bet or that you are quite interested to see what all this hype is about. Perhaps you want to prove to your buddies that a gorgeous, confident, sexually liberal, independent, and intelligent woman doesn’t truly exist out there. Women love to prove men wrong.

2. Profile Photos

To back up all your interesting activities in your online dating profile, you will need a few photos showing you taking part in them. Make sure the photos show both your face and body. Women are suspicious of a man who only partially shows himself. Even if you don’t have the perfect abs, huge chest and arms, don’t sweat it. Personality goes a long way in your online dating profile.

One useful online dating profile tip is to post outdoor, daytime pictures. The lighting is better and shows that you like to get out and about. Think of those photos that get good comments on Facebook. The regular, crappy quality photos of your drunken night out on the town get little or no reaction. The action shot of you on a motorcycle gets a ton of comments. We are attracted to interesting things that we don’t see everyday. If you are a writer or a musician, sling on that guitar or leather satchel and go stand by rustic scenery or by a wide empty road. There are online dating profiles allow you to upload videos or embed videos from YouTube. Don’t have videos? Add your favorite non-offensive stand-up comedy skit. Take advantage of all the dopey and boring pictures that most guys post in their online dating profiles. They’ve made it so much easier for you to stand out.

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