Women are mystical creatures that have been bestowed to the universe and they are so complex that as a man, you need to make yourself very clear if your only goal in life is to get laid. And if you’re only goal is only to get online hookups on an online dating site where almost 90% of women wants a committed relationship then be prepared to meet or receive unhappy messages in return.

When it comes to reaching out in the online dating scene for the main goal of hookups, some messages aren’t just something to brighten up your day. What you should do is to expect these messages flooding your inbox from women who aren’t backing away at giving their two cents. Online dating doesn’t resonate well with everyone therefore don’t expect to please all of them.

If you don’t invest on your emotions then you are doing it right, you will be weeding out the vast majority of girls who aren’t interested in short-term hookups before you even see them face-to-face.

A profile or ad that states that you are completely non-committal can go along way for like-minded women but can garner several messages from unhappy women who wished you never existed.

Some messages are as follows:
What the hell is a guy like you doing in a site for love?! Go away!!

You have a very disgusting profile, please do us all a favor and cancel your account!

You slob! I wish I could hunt you down and cut off your balls and feed it to you!

These are real messages from women who have received messages from men wanting an online hookup. What you should do, as a person who’s only goal is to get laid through the internet is not to bother with these messages. They may hurt sometimes but that is what you signed up for, ignore and move on. You can always delete those messages and even block the person sending them to you. These aren’t the women whom you want to sleep with anyway, make time for the women who are willing to sleep with you. The women who are unhappy and upset that you are there in an online dating site deserves a charming, handsome, gentleman who will sweep them at their feet and not someone like you who just wants to taste them and quickly go.

Never or pretend you want a relationship in order to sleep with them, it is time consuming and costly. E straight-forward and you will rewarded soon enough.

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