Albert Tanner discusses the reasons why men don’t see those supposed flaws hot girls claim they have, except when you try too hard to hide them.

Like a lot of guys out there, I’m too preoccupied paying attention to the other stuff that makes the body of hot girls more awesome to notice those things that you think are flaws. What we do see, however, is your attempts at obsessing and compensating on your supposed flaws. If you want to save yourself from loads of angst and cash, read on.

* Cellulites, bellies, etc.

When I hit the beach during summer, I get sad when I see hot girls covering up their bodies just because they are too self-conscious about a few of their jiggly parts. Who cares? Everybody’s got them! It’s a sign of all the good times you’ve been through. Remember, a woman who has the confidence to show people he knows how to enjoy a good meal and laugh at things funny, who is willing to have a little muffin top rise over the edge is a whole lot sexier than someone who opts to cover herself in big, baggy clothes. As for sex, these don’t bother guys either a little extra bounce here and a slap there is never a bad thing in bed.

* Sagging breasts

Fact: Men love boobs. Although some “boob men” have specific tastes, many of us are into the rich adornment of hot girls‘ breasts. I am so fortunate my wife still loves her knockers in spite of all the changes they’ve gone through in the past decade. Appreciated boobs are sexy boobs, regardless of its shape and size. So if you love your rack and think they’re smokin’, so will your man.

* Fake lips

Lips that have been injected with a foreign substance are just plain creepy. Take it from me, collagen injections will not make you look like Angelina Jolie; they’ll only make you look like you just had an invasive dental surgery that went wrong.

* Frozen face

Why do guys hate it when you inject your wrinkles away? Let me put it this way: It’s because it takes away your ability to convey human emotions.

Husband: Sweetie, you seem oddly unmoved by the fact that our dog just ate a peeling knife.
Wife: I’m frowning with concern… on the inside.

* Scars

At one point, my wife’s stretch marks from pregnancy were red and very noticeable, along with her C-section scar, but they don’t and never did bother me one bit. I guess it’s safe to assume that most guys don’t mind either. In my wife’s case, her scars are physical evidence of our shared experiences, and of the pain she was willing to go through for our family. They show how tough my wife is, which just makes her a lot more attractive.

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