It’s quite hard to know what hot girls like, isn’t it? Trying to figure out what’s going on between their ears feels like you’re trying to rebuild CERN’s Large Hadron Collider using Lego parts. To help you uncover some of the mystery surrounding them, we’ve surveyed hot girls to find out what they really want.

On Dating
- 95 percent expect guys to at least offer to pay on the first date.
- 75 percent want guys to show up wearing a suit and tie. Although, some like them in simple, well-fitting tees and nice jeans. Take note of the words “well-fitting.”
- What ever it is you might be doing, you should be spending not more than 27 minutes in the bathroom in the morning.
- 78 percent would like guys to kiss them on the first date.
- Only 16 percent are game to consider taking things beyond the front door
- When hot girls eventually give you permission into their bedrooms, 82 percent want to see you in boxer briefs, 11 percent like classic boxers, and 7 percent approve of a banana hammock. Absolutely no one wants to see guys going commando.

Facial Hair
- You might think your facial bush experiments are stylish enough, but unfortunately it seems that the majority of hot girls are not into face pubes.
- Stubble: 89 percent say yes, 11 percent say no
- Long beard: 100 percent no
- Goatee: 38 percent yes, 62 percent no
- Soul patch: 31 percent yes, 69 percent no
- Moustache: 25 percent yes, 75 percent no

If you are a bit thin on top, it’s good news. Most girls aren’t even bothered if you are losing hair. However, they say just accept it and shave it all off. Only a mere 5 percent refused to take a shiny-domed man. While 83 percent had no issues with it, 12 percent actually preferred it. Guys with a salt n’ peppered top don’t need to worry either. Only a small 12 percent of woman said a graying man should color their hair.

Your Body
Majority of women are cool with a bit of meat, and most of them are not into body builder types.

- 68 percent are fine with a bit of a beer belly sticking out
- 33 percent are okay with skinny arms
- Only a small 6 percent can take guys with jiggly man boobs
- A comfortingly small 25 percent want you to look like the Incredible Hulk
- 40 percent have no problems with your ass being fat or a bit flat 

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