For people who are into dating at an online dating web site, it may be inevitable that you finally get to meet up with one of your online dates in person. As with traditional dating, there are certain guidelines you must follow to have a successful date, regardless of your intentions, so making a good first impression is a must. Below are a few important guidelines on what NOT to do when going out on a date with a potential partner from an online dating web site.

• Tardiness

Being punctual is, of course, a definite requirement when going out on a date, and being late may be the most important thing to avoid. It is probably safe to say that no self-respecting person would want to hook up with somebody who cannot commit to his or her appointments on time. It most certainly projects a bad first impression. Even a few minutes of being late can be very damaging. However, being a tad bit too early should also be avoided as it can give the impression of being too eager, giving the indication of having too much on your hands. Therefore, make sure arrive on time—give and take a few minutes, of course. Fix your schedule so nothing can possibly come in the way of this.

• Coming on too strong

Respecting each other’s distance and personal space during the early stages of your date is absolutely essential both in an emotional, and especially on a physical sense. If it becomes apparent that you are not gentle and sensitive on the onset of your date, your potential partner may veer away from you and start avoiding you like the plague. Minimize body contact between you and your potential partner like casual or “accidental” touching of hands and the like. Refrain from having close contact if it is possible. And most importantly, do not touch a lady in an inappropriate manner. Women generally want to be treated with respect and not like a piece of meat. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you do this even if the situation presents itself like having the contents of her beverage spilled all over her bosom or if she falls over in an awkward manner.

• Staring

Despite what other people tell you, women don’t usually want to be ogled at like some piece of meat wanting to be devoured. While it is a given fact that women love to look good in the eyes of the opposite sex, it is rather impolite to stare at them for long periods of time. Moreover, it is not advisable to allow a lady to catch you gaping at her, most especially on her private areas of the body. This applies even if your potential partner came from an adult online dating web site.

• Being Obnoxious and Offensive

One of the most surefire ways to have your potential partner lose interest in you is by being an arrogant blockhead. Keep in mind that women are generally more sensitive than men, so if you don’t have anything good to say about certain topics in your conversation, it would be smart to not say anything about the matter at all. Be polite at all times, and it would help to be eloquent and witty at the same time.
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