There have been two interesting statistical data that has appeared in the media on young people and sexual activity using their mobile phones. The Journal of Pediatrics published a study saying that 10 percent of young people aged 10-17 have sent or received sexually suggestive photos, with one percent having shared images that depict explicit nudity. The study suggests a couple of things: 1) It’s most likely a small minority of young people doing all the sexting; and 2) All the hoopla that”s going on between sexting teens is precisely that hoopla. But before anything else, this study begs the question: What things are needed to take into consideration to call it sexting? This how to sexting guide will help you find out.After giving it considerable thought, it is pretty safe to say that a sext is subjective. It is really intended to make him hard or her wet. If you’re dating a guy who has a foot fetish, and then you send him a picture of you having a foot spa, that’s already considered a sext. If you’re dating a girl who’s into spanking during sex and you send her a photo of a paddle, that’s also a sext. And if your dating life is considered somewhere in between and like to see the occasional knocker, ass, dick or pussy on your phone, you can go ask yourself: Does this turn me on? If you say yes, then this can be considered as sexting.

This how to sexting guide all boils down to what someone finds sexy. For some people, they can often be turned on by reading descriptions more than seeing direct visuals. Reading what someone is doing or will be doing can easily trump receiving a photo in her undies. Well, probably. Who doesn’t get turned on by a picture of someone they find sexy in hot lingerie? We are visual creatures. Some are just turned on when they shape and digest words into imagery.

The major difference is words are just words, and it’s more difficult to use them for future embarrassment or legal action than pictures, which means little risk when sending worded messages. But perhaps sending photos is part of the thrill. It’s quite hard to put a finger on it, so it’s totally up to the parties involved in sexting.

And that may be just it. What constitutes a sext, a flirt and just a plain old text is completely up to your judgment. A huge part of sex is temptation, discovering the unknown and anticipation. These are important factors to think about when you’re sexting. Remember, imagination is a very powerful thing.

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