dating websites1 300x199 Wow Sexy Women with Words Do you want to be an expert pick up artist?  Here are a few easy steps to woo sexy women with words.
  •  Don’t Put Yourself Down
Self-deprecation can be funny under the right circumstances, but this isn’t one of them.  Sexy women like guys who are oozing with confidence.
  •  Get Her to Talk
No man can score on sexy women just by talking them into submission, so your goal is to engage her in conversation.  Questions about relationships work well, like getting her take on something.  Tell her that a buddy of yours thinks that when a woman leaves a man, it’s always the man’s fault, but you think that’s extreme.  90 percent of the time she’ll think about what you said and react; 10 percent of the time she’ll just brush it off.  But whatever she does leads to the next step…
  •  Challenger Her
Mocking her in jest is important as it shows you are not treating her as special, so gently ridicule her response to put her on the back foot and let her know you are unimpressed, which is something she is not used to.
  •  Demonstrate Value
This is very important.  You need to stand out from all the other guys in the room by doing something that can make you look special.  This is what demonstrating value is, and this comes from the fact that many sexy women have a void inside them, because they think that a lot of guys just talk to them mainly for their looks.  You can fill this void by talking to “the woman inside,” and have them learn something spiritual about themselves.
  •  Make Your Move on a Cliffhanger
At some point in the process, you may have to move to a “quieter location.”  But when you do, you will need to 1) do it in the middle of a story, so the cliffhanger will make it look natural to come with you, and 2) point out that it’s only going to be just a few minutes, so it will feel like there’s nothing to lose.
  •  Set Up a Takeaway
This will come after you’ve whisked her away from her friends.  While finishing your story, make it look like you just noticed a friend who “will kill you if you don’t say hi.”  This may seem risky, but it works because it means you leave her all alone, which will make her feel lost, and shows you are confident enough to leave her.
  •  And Finally, Seed Your Next Location
Guys who are desperate go for the kill during the first meeting.  On the other hand, successful men seed in the next place they are going and describe how awesome it is.  Rave on about how fantastic this place is, but don’t invite her directly.  Instead, shift on a different subject.  And when you are about to leave, say, “You know what?  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place too.  Maybe you should come join us.”
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