hqdefault 300x225 Creating Your Adult Dating Personal Ad Stepping into the world of online adult dating is something a huge number of single guys and girls do everyday. But despite some getting confused on how to approach women both online and the real world, a lot of guys still give online adult dating a much deserved shot.

The Personal Profile

Regardless of the number of online profiles you’ve gone through or the responses you’ve sent out, it’s not the same until you’ve actually created one for yourself. And when you’ve already made one without getting any hits, the problem lies in thinking that you already know how to write one, but really don’t.
  •  Be Creative and Unique
Sounding like a walking cliche can be as boring as it gets. And since almost everyone is looking for love at every corner of the globe, try to stand out among the rest. Put on your thinking cap and try to be creative and unique in writing details about yourself that you want to put out there. Instead of writing, “Looking for a potential partner to spend time with (ho-hum),” go for, “Looking for a partner in crime to go skinny-dipping and gatecrash big parties with.”
  •  Be Honest; Avoid BS
It is crucial to be straightforward in your profile to help women imagine what kind of person you are. And an honest approach brings less disappointments, therefore, upping your chances of finding that potential match you are looking for.
  •  Don’t Be a Show Off
As much as it is important to be honest, there is no reason to mention that you own a yacht, a house in a posh neighborhood and a fleet of expensive supercars in your online adult dating profile. Nobody likes an arrogant showoff; it just increases your chances of instantly turning off women.
  •  Talk About Age
It may be irrelevant for some, but age can still be a deal-breaker for many. Although you can state a specific range and say that you’re within a certain age bracket, you’re better being more accurate. If you’re looking for women not older than her 20s, then a woman even in her early 40s just won’t cut it.
  •  Be Specific with Details
Saying you like “Friday evenings at home relaxing in the couch with a good movie and a bottle of Merlot” is so cliche. Your main focus is to stand out from the rest, so you have to think of something to get you noticed.
  •  State Your Current Status
If you’re currently single, you have to say so; and if you’re going through a divorce, it should also be worth mentioning. The idea is to be truthful on facts about you, and the current status of your love life is a key component of this.

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