Greetings geekdom! We all know it’s a little bit harder for us geeks to go hookup dating since, to be honest, we are quite socially inept. Have no fear! Here are very helpful tips to keep in mind to nab a date and be successful in hookup dating at online dating sites.

• The Profile Photo

Always upload your best photo. Avoid posting photos from ages ago, you in your Halloween costume or those you wouldn’t even dare show to your mother.

Make sure your photo is not too small, shows unflattering parts of your not-so-gorgeous physique or have objects eclipsing essential parts of your body.

Refrain from uploading a group photo. How would a potential hookup dating partner tell which one is you?

Do not post pictures that may turn a potential hookup dating partner off like shots of you getting yourself drunk at a party or stuffing your face silly at a buffet table. When in doubt, ask a friend’s approval.

• The Write Up

Make sure you have correct grammar and spelling. Refrain from writing long sentences. Keep it short, simple and precise.

Write about the cool things you do or know such as your in-depth knowledge of video editing and not about your extensive collection of Smurf dolls.

Avoid writing about anything negative. Do not go for “I don’t have much time for friends because World of Warcraft takes most of my waking hours.”

Do not, under any circumstances, lie about anything. If you are driving a Toyota, do not tell your potential partners you own a Mercedes Benz. If you are out of shape, do not tell them you are athletic. This simply won’t work for you.

Include your positive attributes like how much you care for your family, how generous you are, or your love of animals. A one-off hookup can turn into a potentially long-term relationship if you have the right values.

• The Date Itself

Do not be late. This is quite self-explanatory. If you do not want to end up without a date, always be punctual.

Make sure you look your best—wear nice clothes, put on a well-styled do, look clean and smell good.

Be a gentleman at all times during the date—open the door for her, pull out her chair to make her sit and offer to pay for your meal or movie tickets, or at the very least go Dutch. Never have your date pay for your expenses. It may be the last time you’ll see that person.

Follow these guidelines and you will most likely have a successful date. However, not all things work on certain individuals so keep those that work well with you and shelf those that do not. Always be yourself and don’t forget to have a fun!

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