sexyb 300x185 How to Pick Up Sexy Girls on Facebook As we all know, social media websites are useful tools that can help you find smokin’ sexy girls that may share common friends, backgrounds, and interests with you.  If you want to score sexy girls that love basketball and beer-chugging, Facebook may be your golden ticket.  Seven percent of the world’s population is currently using this social networking site, which translates to 21 million women that could possibly be your next potential ex girlfriend.  However, you should be careful in navigating your way through the uncharted terrain of social media dating.  You wouldn’t want to send a message to all the sexy girls that are in your “People You May Know” list.  Here are a few tips to help you pick up chicks without looking like a total creeper.
  •  Have a flattering profile photo
Nothing shouts “I am not date material” louder than a picture of your old fratboy days, chugging beer in a bong.  Remember, a good first impression is key. Use a photo that is naturally pleasing to the eyes.  Try uploading one with you watching a basketball game or one that shows you playing with your dog.  Girls are going to love it.
  •  Include a list of your activities and interests
If you intend to connect with a hottie who shares the same love you have for Rebecca Black, then by all means include that ghastly bit of information in your profile interests.  This will help women find out about your dynamic personality and eclectic taste in music. Another good idea is to join fan pages and interest groups.  This can expand your dating network and help you meet a cutie that you can actually connect with.
  •  Browse through your local network
Try looking for girls that are located in your own city.  Browse through your local network and get in touch with loads of hotties in your own backyard. Also, go through a list of your friend’s friends.  This gives you a common personal connection and a good ice breaker for a potential first date.
  •  Use the poke feature
This may look childish and cheesy, but Facebook’s “poke” feature is just the online version of throwing rocks at your kindergarten crush.  There is something about a cute and flirty interaction that a lot of girls appreciate.
  •  Use the chat feature
If you want to take your flirtation to the next level, send a personal online message directly to her.  This will surely get immediate results, so you won’t spend hours or even days brooding if she’ll ever respond.
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