You can measure a guys dating potential with three important pieces of information. The smart online dating tips and tricks here should involve ways on how to coax them out of him without looking like a total psycho.

By the time you reach the fourth date, this is usually the time when you decide if you want to get serious or just bail out. Using savvy detective skills, you will be able to spare yourself unfortunate disappointment later. Its all about knowing how to ask the right questions and what to look for in his answers. So to avoid wasting precious time on a dead end guy, here are a few online dating tips to help you find out the following.

How does he feel about his work?
His attitude towards his career can tell you if your lives will have the probability to gel or clash, provided you can steer the conversation beyond rants about his bitchy bosses and late tax reports. Actually, the important question to ask is, “Do you like what you do?” A lot of things can come out naturally from his answers. For instance, your perfect idea of coupled bliss involves delicious intimate dinners and a weekly How I Met Your Mother ritual. If he tells you about his long hours at work or his second job, you can say goodbye to spending a decent time with him. Or maybe you're doing everything you could to live in the big city, only to find out he wants to quit his job and start an organic farm. Its good to be in the know, right?

What was his last relationship like?

No matter how awkward it can be, talking about exes can be incredibly useful in figuring out how hes going to handle himself when he is no longer on his best dating behavior. Get him to open up through flattery. You can say, You're such a catch. What kind of girl would let you go just like that? a good compliment that can often lead to discussion. If he is a compassionate and mature guy, he will normally let you know her good qualities first before explaining why things didn't work out. Now if he glowers or shakes his head a lot while dropping harsh criticisms, chances are his impatience and lack of understanding was part of the problem.

How does he handle debt?
Not all debts are bad. A guys student loan can be classified as a smart debt, which is an investment that will surely pay off. What you need to look out for is the guy whos in debt because of that top of the line entertainment sound system he just had to have, and is planning to purchase a high-end road bike next. How he manages his finances is a bigger character indicator than how much money he has. It is a good indication if he takes responsibility for his actions. Bringing up things about the economy is an easy way to start a conversation about finances, and then focus on bills saying, im glad Ive just paid off my credit cards. Have you piled up any debts on those dangerous things? If he has made unfortunate financial decisions, its really not a total deal breaker, as long as hes cutting back on his expenses and paying back what he owes. 

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