If you are into adult social network dating or casual dating then you must understand that it just isn’t about sex. Alright, it’s more about sex but the thing is you need to work on your hook-up skills before you actually land yourself to the mother ship. Adult social network dating just like everything else in life can give you more of it if you actually put more to it. Casual dating sex? Doesn’t sound so bad now does it? The tricks are actually getting your hookups getting hotter and hotter and avoid becoming burned out. Of course we want to avoid being the person who calls phone sex hotlines.

People have a lot of options these days and they won’t stay for long if they are not having a good time. It doesn’t even matter what kind of relationship they want, if they’re having a great time, they’re gone. We all know that when you are hooking up with someone, they are there because they wish to be there and they want you. The thing is to actually keep them wanting for more so understand that it’s your job to ensure that they can expect something better.

A good example to follow is to tease the other person. If you guys always hookup on the weekends then why don’t you send the other person some naughty messages during the work week just to excite you casual dating partner and want you. You don’t want the excitement to die, you want the fire to keep on burning. A few flirty messages before hooking-up would be great. You can send it to her/his email or send her/his a message on that adult social network site where you met if you don’t have her/his number but if you do, it’s better to leave a voice message or a text message to peak her/his interest.

Aside from messages, perhaps you can even send a photo that will surely arouse the heat in her/him. Something that will surprise her/him for the weekend would be good. Don’t forget that you just want to be simple and not harass her/him in such a way that you’re sending hundreds of flirt messages. One or two should be enough over the week. This will definitely make her/him excited and would want to see you soon.

Adult social network hook-up has a skill that should be practiced to be better at.
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