• Be Punctual

Allow enough prep time to put in that last stroke of blush or the last few sprays of cologne without running late. Being late for a date is a big no-no for this gives the impression of being disrespectful of your potential partner’s time. This also shows how you might be in the future. It can start the date on the wrong foot as your potential partner you met at a one night stand website sits and waits for you, dulling the excitement of the date itself.

• Do Not Be Desperate

There is nothing worse than having someone clutching you tightly on the hem of your skirt. Never chase someone—too much persistence can be a turn off. If you find yourself in a situation wherein your calls, text messages and emails are left unanswered, it may be smart to stop because it is definitely overkill. It is a very good sign of desperation, which can make anyone run in the opposite direction.

• Do Not Hookup with a Moocher

If you think it’s bad enough to be with someone on a date that lets you take out something out of your bag whenever he needs anything, wait till you hookup with someone who lets you pay for everything. Never let your date know, especially someone you met on a one night stand website, how much you earn. This will definitely put you at a disadvantage if you are hooking up with a moocher.

• Do Not Lie

Honesty is definitely the best policy. There is actually no reason to exaggerate your stories, so why bother? You are already on your first hookup this means she is already attracted to you. There is absolutely no reason to pretend or lie at this point.

• Do Not Come on Too Strong

Whatever your reason is for going out on a date, whether it is for hooking up or for a serious relationship, do not come on too strong. Constantly talking about what you are after is a huge turn off, especially on a first hookup date. You will most certainly have your potential partner feel like they are there to fill a gap.

• Do Not Play the Waiting Game

Never put things on hold and be proactive. Do not wait around for your potential partner to contact you. However, it may be smart not to always be available.

• Do Not Hookup When Under the Influence

It is imperative that you follow this tip. First impressions are very important so do not ruin it by being intoxicated or worse, high on drugs.

• Do Not Flirt with Other People

This is one of the surest ways to have your date lose interest in you. Refrain from hooking up with other people while you’re on a date with one, if you don’t want end the night early.
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