From the High Country to the flatlands, the Mile High City is one of the best in the nation to be single in. Go over a few of these Denver adult dating profiles to find out what your next date in this city might be like.

The Colorado Cowboy
- Sam Taylor’s BBQ
He will pick you up at your place for early dinner, probably around 5:30PM, order the sumptuous ribs or brisket, and flirt, letting your cowboy wipe the barbecue sauce off the corners of your lips.

- The Grizzly Rose
Wear your Wrangler jeans and slide into those vintage cowboy boots. You can definitely wear a sexy skirt, but if you have plans on riding the mechanical bull, it would be best to bring bloomers. Order glasses of brewskies and dance to live country music. Get ready to cowboy up in the Denver adult dating scene.

- National Western Complex Stadium
The second date might just lead you to the National Western Stock Show and watch your date himself conquer a bull riding contest. Yeehaw!

The Yuppie
- Lola
Your yuppie date will swing by your place and pick you up on his scooter, by foot, or in his gleaming Audi, but it will be in time for yappy hour. Make sure to bring your designer sunglasses and act like you aren’t hip, and you will fit in nicely.

- Impulse Theater
You may pee in your pants in an audience suggested improve when you come visit. The last time I was there they wanted us to do toe-nail biting Olympics in slow motion.

- Red Rocks Amphitheater
Going for a date in the summer might involve a night at Film on the Rocks. Remember to bring some pillows to sit on and a blanket to cuddle under. Films like “The Big Lebowski” and “Sixteen Candles” can bring you to yuppie heaven.

The Urban Hippie
- Corepower Yoga
Wear your sexiest spandex and meet your date at Corepower for some morning exercise. The more you sweat, the more it will turn him on. Note: The place can get crowded, so be ready have your face just inches from his butt.

- Water Course Foods
If he wants to veg you up, you’ll both mosey over to this hip uptown vegetarian restaurant. Make sure to get yourself enough protein to sustain you until you can sneak a chunk of beef jerky from your purse.

- Mercury Café
Your man might suggest open mic night or salsa dance lessons at this bohemian chic warehouse palace, so wear your brightest colors and load up on food before hitting this joint. The food can be bland and chewy. 

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