sextapeJPG 300x185 Getting Your Girl to Make an Adult Sex Tape Women are sensitive creatures, so launching yourself at her whilst holding a camera will not win you a recorded adult sex video with her.  And if you think that making home movies of you two under the sheets is a distant dream, think again.  Using a little strategic Prince Charming moves will make you bask in the desired outcome forever.  Here are a few tips to help you make sure she doesn’t run away in terror. If you really want to make kinky amateur adult sex videos regularly and not just a one off thing, then never evaluate each other’s performance.  The only sure way to convince her to do it again is to be super sensitive. No one can be more critical of a woman than she herself, and giving “constructive” accounts of her performance on film will never go well for you.  The important thing to remember is everything that comes out of your mouth while watching the video footage must be of praise and admiration.  If not, then shut your trap. Make your favorite parts of the video known to her, how much it turns you on, and how sexy and gorgeous you think she is.  She will be so flattered, she would want to give it another shot. By far, the most essential element of the whole process is trust.  She must know that she’s not going to be that girl with a facial shot that magically appeared in all of the guys’ cell phones in your city. Your safest and easiest bet to prove you won’t turn her into a porn star in a fit of breakup rage is to let her keep the only copy of the recording.  It’s 2012 and digital recordings are easier to share, so let her keep it and swear to keep it strictly between you even if the relationship hits an untimely demise. If you want a huge pay off, you must put a little effort in it.  This means a spiffy bedroom sans all the traces of food, animals or any other type of clutter that can be an eye sore.  However disreputable your intentions are, you must never let her know.  As far as she’s concerned, you are the most romantic man she has ever known, and thinks of no other woman but her. Clean up, put in clean sheets and dim the lights.  If you can take it, light some scented candles.  Women love them, and will always do.  If your place is just ghastly, book a hotel.  Now that everything’s set up, you’re ready to shoot.
sexyb 300x185 How to Pick Up Sexy Girls on Facebook As we all know, social media websites are useful tools that can help you find smokin’ sexy girls that may share common friends, backgrounds, and interests with you.  If you want to score sexy girls that love basketball and beer-chugging, Facebook may be your golden ticket.  Seven percent of the world’s population is currently using this social networking site, which translates to 21 million women that could possibly be your next potential ex girlfriend.  However, you should be careful in navigating your way through the uncharted terrain of social media dating.  You wouldn’t want to send a message to all the sexy girls that are in your “People You May Know” list.  Here are a few tips to help you pick up chicks without looking like a total creeper.
  •  Have a flattering profile photo
Nothing shouts “I am not date material” louder than a picture of your old fratboy days, chugging beer in a bong.  Remember, a good first impression is key. Use a photo that is naturally pleasing to the eyes.  Try uploading one with you watching a basketball game or one that shows you playing with your dog.  Girls are going to love it.
  •  Include a list of your activities and interests
If you intend to connect with a hottie who shares the same love you have for Rebecca Black, then by all means include that ghastly bit of information in your profile interests.  This will help women find out about your dynamic personality and eclectic taste in music. Another good idea is to join fan pages and interest groups.  This can expand your dating network and help you meet a cutie that you can actually connect with.
  •  Browse through your local network
Try looking for girls that are located in your own city.  Browse through your local network and get in touch with loads of hotties in your own backyard. Also, go through a list of your friend’s friends.  This gives you a common personal connection and a good ice breaker for a potential first date.
  •  Use the poke feature
This may look childish and cheesy, but Facebook’s “poke” feature is just the online version of throwing rocks at your kindergarten crush.  There is something about a cute and flirty interaction that a lot of girls appreciate.
  •  Use the chat feature
If you want to take your flirtation to the next level, send a personal online message directly to her.  This will surely get immediate results, so you won’t spend hours or even days brooding if she’ll ever respond.
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TENT 300x204 The Best Places to Have Adult Sex Familiarity breeds contempt, so when having adult sex with your girl, you need to mix it up a bit.  How?  Experiment try something new.  Try having adult sex at places you wouldn’t normally do, basically.  Bang her someplace you would normally do something except have adult sex, like drive, wash or swim.  Good?  I thought so.
  •  In a Tent
Pros:  Banging in a tent can be a fun thing to do.  If you’re having a marvelous time at a festival, all buzzed up as you giggle back to the campsite in your red Indian outfit when it starts to rain, sex in a cozy tent when it’s can be a pretty fun way to let the downpour pass and stay dry.  It’s also relatively comfortable to do if you can avoid being fallen on by an intoxicated carouser. Cons:  Doing it here may feel like you’re in a bedroom, however, you are not really in a bedroom.  The only thing that separates your stark naked bodies from the elements is a piece of canvas that is by no means soundproof.
  •  In a Hotel
Pros:  Sex and room service that’s what staying in hotels is all about.  Relaxing in a hotel all-day long and rolling around in fluffy clean sheets you’ll never have to wash sounds about perfect. Cons:  However, you may think the ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door means don’t come in, but it really doesn’t.  So unless you don’t want housekeeping to come in and see you doing the nasty, then it would be prudent to get sex out of the way before 10am.  And whatever you do, don’t let the thought of the hundreds of other guys who have unloaded in your bed creep you out.
  •  On the Beach
Pros:  You’re on a holiday at some resort and the sound of the waves crashing on a warm night is just enough amount of cheese to be romantic, and the element of danger in being caught out in the open makes it exciting. Cons:  Sand on the genitals is not really pleasant if you think about it, so be mindful of the friction factor.   That may sound similar to a Simon Cowell reality talent show, but it can really hurt.  If it’s possible, find a deck chair or a small grassy patch of land to avoid any undesirable injuries.
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Yes, it can be direct, but meeting sexy girls at a club can be quite intimidating. It’s funny how it looks so easy to do on the tube and in the movies, but there’s a whole lot of social etiquette to ever-so-delicately tread across. How do you meet women in a time where Facebook has its own set of rules on poking, where Dutch courage ultimately leads to careless judgment, and when chatting can become a love-hate thing?

We think that the worst mistake guys make when they’re trying to meet sexy girls is they pick the wrong places to do so. For the benefit of all the clueless men out there, we have compiled a guide to the best places for meeting sexy girls to help you have a happier love life without hangovers of the heart.

Online dating
Does the idea of meeting sexy girls at online dating sites appeal to you? For most guys, perhaps not, because there’s a stigma attached to online dating, but this should not let you be put off. Signing up to an Internet dating website is a totally different way to meet women, so you also have to make a different approach. What you have to keep in mind though is the importance of standing out when creating your profile since you are just one of the thousands upon thousands of other people looking for a potential partner. And the more you write something about yourself, the easier you’ll find somebody to connect with. You probably just have to leave the fact that you’re scared of cockroaches.

The workplace
This may sound a bit risky, but bear with us. Connecting with women at your workplace surpasses many obstacles. It’s easier to strike up conversations with colleagues about fellow coworkers, office politics, and even the vending machine malfunction at the cafe. Getting involved in work social events is a great way to meet women just don’t give them reasons to gossip about the next day.

But like we’ve said, there are risks involved, so be careful. Due to a small, inconsequential detail of sexual harassment, refrain from being too straightforward at work. Instead, begin with a bit of witty banter over things you have in common, then level up the flirting by sending a saucy email.

The gym

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Since the beginning of time, man has found different ways to link technological advances to his primal urge of adult sex, and the phone is no exception. In fact, it is the perfect means for having pure adult fun. However, except for calling a premium rate number, it’s not as simple as just picking up the phone and dialing.

Get In the Mood
Phone sex can cover a number of different aspects of an adult sex relationship from improving sexual chemistry, and nurturing a long distance relationship, to opening doors in discovering your partner’s wildest adult sex fantasies. But before you pick up your phone and make that lustful call, you have to be sure that you are ready. Nothing kills the mood more than having the absence of it, so what you can do is watch a little porn and get comfortable. A good way to make sure the lady on the receiving end of the call will also be in the mood is to start with a little sexting.

In general, sexting with words works better for women than when using photos. The reason is our female counterparts can be more mentally stimulated than us men, so telling her what you’re doing will get her going faster than photos of a shirtless Tom Brady. Paying her compliments can always be a great opener, so remind her about that wonderful time you last had hot adult sex. If you haven’t reached that stage yet, tell her how smokin’ you imagine her in sexy lingerie. Remember, your objective is to arouse her, so treat your sexting as foreplay and keep them playfully flirtatious.

Hushed Tones
Now that you’re up (no pun intended) and ready to go live on the telecom airwaves, you can begin the conversation by whispering. Her ears are the only erogenous zone you have a direct effect on when having phone sex, so whispering is your best tool for stimulating that sensation. However, you will need a wide range of vocabulary to keep her in heat. Try using the following lines to heat things up: ‘I really want to be with you right now,’ ‘I could do with you here,’ or ‘I can’t wait to be with you again so we can do this.’

Word Play
The key to having great phone sex is to be very descriptive as you can. The more visually imaginative your statements are, the more excited you will both be, so your goal is to create a very detailed mental image. This is where your command of the English language pays off. Make us of adjectives in phrases like ‘warm breath,’ ‘soft lips,’ ‘straddle,’ and ‘sticky.’

Know Your Partner
It is also important to know your partner’s sexual preference and what makes her tick. This can help you determine which particular direction you want to steer the conversation. If she likes it dirty, then by all means use vulgar terms. But if she wants it sensual, focus on parts of her body you want to work on in a sexy way. Remember, different strokes for different folks. 

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It’s quite hard to know what hot girls like, isn’t it? Trying to figure out what’s going on between their ears feels like you’re trying to rebuild CERN’s Large Hadron Collider using Lego parts. To help you uncover some of the mystery surrounding them, we’ve surveyed hot girls to find out what they really want.

On Dating
- 95 percent expect guys to at least offer to pay on the first date.
- 75 percent want guys to show up wearing a suit and tie. Although, some like them in simple, well-fitting tees and nice jeans. Take note of the words “well-fitting.”
- What ever it is you might be doing, you should be spending not more than 27 minutes in the bathroom in the morning.
- 78 percent would like guys to kiss them on the first date.
- Only 16 percent are game to consider taking things beyond the front door
- When hot girls eventually give you permission into their bedrooms, 82 percent want to see you in boxer briefs, 11 percent like classic boxers, and 7 percent approve of a banana hammock. Absolutely no one wants to see guys going commando.

Facial Hair
- You might think your facial bush experiments are stylish enough, but unfortunately it seems that the majority of hot girls are not into face pubes.
- Stubble: 89 percent say yes, 11 percent say no
- Long beard: 100 percent no
- Goatee: 38 percent yes, 62 percent no
- Soul patch: 31 percent yes, 69 percent no
- Moustache: 25 percent yes, 75 percent no

If you are a bit thin on top, it’s good news. Most girls aren’t even bothered if you are losing hair. However, they say just accept it and shave it all off. Only a mere 5 percent refused to take a shiny-domed man. While 83 percent had no issues with it, 12 percent actually preferred it. Guys with a salt n’ peppered top don’t need to worry either. Only a small 12 percent of woman said a graying man should color their hair.

Your Body
Majority of women are cool with a bit of meat, and most of them are not into body builder types.

- 68 percent are fine with a bit of a beer belly sticking out
- 33 percent are okay with skinny arms
- Only a small 6 percent can take guys with jiggly man boobs
- A comfortingly small 25 percent want you to look like the Incredible Hulk
- 40 percent have no problems with your ass being fat or a bit flat 

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dating websites1 300x199 Wow Sexy Women with Words Do you want to be an expert pick up artist?  Here are a few easy steps to woo sexy women with words.
  •  Don’t Put Yourself Down
Self-deprecation can be funny under the right circumstances, but this isn’t one of them.  Sexy women like guys who are oozing with confidence.
  •  Get Her to Talk
No man can score on sexy women just by talking them into submission, so your goal is to engage her in conversation.  Questions about relationships work well, like getting her take on something.  Tell her that a buddy of yours thinks that when a woman leaves a man, it’s always the man’s fault, but you think that’s extreme.  90 percent of the time she’ll think about what you said and react; 10 percent of the time she’ll just brush it off.  But whatever she does leads to the next step…
  •  Challenger Her
Mocking her in jest is important as it shows you are not treating her as special, so gently ridicule her response to put her on the back foot and let her know you are unimpressed, which is something she is not used to.
  •  Demonstrate Value
This is very important.  You need to stand out from all the other guys in the room by doing something that can make you look special.  This is what demonstrating value is, and this comes from the fact that many sexy women have a void inside them, because they think that a lot of guys just talk to them mainly for their looks.  You can fill this void by talking to “the woman inside,” and have them learn something spiritual about themselves.
  •  Make Your Move on a Cliffhanger
At some point in the process, you may have to move to a “quieter location.”  But when you do, you will need to 1) do it in the middle of a story, so the cliffhanger will make it look natural to come with you, and 2) point out that it’s only going to be just a few minutes, so it will feel like there’s nothing to lose.
  •  Set Up a Takeaway
This will come after you’ve whisked her away from her friends.  While finishing your story, make it look like you just noticed a friend who “will kill you if you don’t say hi.”  This may seem risky, but it works because it means you leave her all alone, which will make her feel lost, and shows you are confident enough to leave her.
  •  And Finally, Seed Your Next Location
Guys who are desperate go for the kill during the first meeting.  On the other hand, successful men seed in the next place they are going and describe how awesome it is.  Rave on about how fantastic this place is, but don’t invite her directly.  Instead, shift on a different subject.  And when you are about to leave, say, “You know what?  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place too.  Maybe you should come join us.”
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tumblr llh4evtOF91qirlbeo1 500 300x240 Adult   Sex Tips:  Going Burlesque in the Bedroom You don’t have to wait for a burlesque dance troupe to hit your city just to enjoy retro adult sex antics.  Thanks to our panel of experts made up of a scene stalwart and a dance instructor, you will be able to recreate Club Noir in the comforts of your home.  Your only requirement:  a relatively willing partner.
  •  Shopping – Fashion lingerie company La Perla’s Black Label collection will give you an imaginative twist on the vintage burlesque genre.  For purists, they can always opt for corsets from Vollers, a British corset company established in 1899.  There are also online burlesque shopping boutique’s to check out like What Katie Did for fluffy girls and Modern Courtesan for those high-maintenance ones.
  •  Setting the Mood – In setting the right mood, lighting is very important.  Ditch those overhead bulbs and opt instead to go sultry with lamplight using a soft red bulb.
  •  Soundtrack – Jazz music works better than classic musical hall tunes.  You will need something that’s slow, so don’t be tempted to use tracks from the Pussycat Dolls.  If all you’ve got is an old CD with James Bond themes, it could work.
  •  Props – Artistes use boas, ostrich feathers, gloves and cigarette holders to slowly remove in their routines.  You can peruse over Bo’s Tit Bits site ( and check out their sparkly nipple tassles (politically correct term:  pasties), masks and riding crops.  Red velvet curtains help the audience be removed from the fact that they are in a lounge.
  •  Chairs – The use of chairs can be awesome.  You can do the sexy Sharon Stone quick flash, and, of course, prop your leg up on the chair to remove your stockings.
  •  Stockings – Wearing stockings is very essential.  There will be lots of rubbing them up and down that, plus sexy finger wagging.  Stick your thumb under the top elastic and ease it down.  Hold on to the back of the chair, throw the leg back, reach behind and pull it off so it snaps.
  •  Gifts – A fantastic performance certainly deserves gratitude.  So what can you give her?  Diamonds, of course.  A bottle of bubbly is also appropriate.
The Routine
  •  Strut and Tease – The catwalk strut is the basic walk.  There should be no slouching, back straight, butt out and head raised up confidently.  Your movements should be all about the tease and the premise of mind-blowing adult sex move slowly and savor the performance.  This requires a lot of focus and sensuality compared to just dancing naked around a pole.
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glorified booty call 300x203 Booty Call   How to Have or Avoid Them Booty Call. Describes in the urban dictionary as A call to a person asking for sex. He/she comes over and u fuck. That’s it. A call for Sex. Some people loves having or being a booty call. Who would not want to? Its sex without any commitment and just plain sex. But well, some people doesnt want it too. Those are the people who strongly believe that you should only have sex with the one you love. So whether you want to have or avoid booty calls, here is an article for you. Enjoy reading.

How to have a Booty Call

1. Don’t meet earlier than 10pm. Point being, don’t spend too much time together other than the “booty call“. This makes the situation fairly clear. And beyond 10pm is a definite time for saying that you are not dating and instead just having fun, wherever you are.

2. Keep your conversations light-hearted and fun. Not in detail. You can start with something as simple as texting “How are you?” The time you do this is KEY. After dinner, after events, after 10pm. Even better is 11pm. Less talking and more doing.

3. Then, ask if the other would like to meet tonight. It could be for a drink or it as direct as going to your residency.

4. At this point, the prospective booty call will either accept or reject your intentions. Brace yourself for rejection or brace yourself for the booty call. It’s a chance you’ll have to take.

5. Be honest about the situation and make sure that both people are looking for the same thing- something non-committal.

6. ALWAYS use protection.

How not to be a Booty Call

1. When you first meet a guy, stay in public or around others.

2. Try to always go on group dates with him or have friends along–sometimes including his friends.

3. Do not answer his phone call late at night. Your excuse is you were sleep and you were or should be because a decent girl sleeps early.

4. If you can tell that he is only going to hang with you for a brief moment, don’t try to get him to stay by giving him some sex. If he really loves to be with you, then hell stay no matter what.

5. Get to know him and let him get to really know you. Getting to know each other is the best attachment and assurance youll get that you will not be a booty call.

6. Try to find some things to do in common with him, like going to a ball game or a dance, activities where you are not alone.

7. After a date, don’t invite him in; just let him go home.

8. Don’t feel guilty when he whines that you aren’t giving him any. If he insist and dont want to see you again because you didnt give him sex, then evidently he doesn’t care about your decision and feelings and just want your body!

9. Break if off with him or take a break, if he refuses to see you again except for times late at night or brief moments. Give yourself and him a break from seeing each other or move on. Say: NEXT! Because not all will think of you as just a booty call. It’s up to you to behave up to your standards.

Marriage is indeed a very big decision. It goes beyond the written and verbal commitment to your partner at the church or the place the ceremony had happened, thus its a life time commitment to your partner; be it social, emotional, financial and legal. It is about promises and vows that you cant just abandoned when situation gets rough. Having said this, everyone should take this seriously and must carefully study his or herself prior to entering the world of marriage.

If you are the type of person who loves your partner but not yet sure if you are ready to get married, then you are lucky. Because today, many believe that being together or as they call alive in is just exactly what is like when getting married.

Study shows that marriage offers little benefit over couples who just live together in terms of health, self-esteem, and psychological well-being and so many choose to just stay together rather than putting a ring on it. In a research made, only 900 participants out of 2,737 single ladies and gentlemen get married in 6 years span of their relationship. And all of those 900 said that they got a higher level of happiness at the beginning of their marriage only. Yes! You read it right- only at the beginning. Those advantages faded in time.

Yet, it does not necessary means that once you get married you will be unhappy. We are just convincing you to carefully study every little thing and talk about it honestly with your partner. Also, it is a good idea to hear some relationship advice from those who are already married, maybe your friend or family. To help you with, this article will site some of the advantage and disadvantage of being married. These are the best relationship advice that you have to equip with, prior to marriage.

Disadvantages of getting married:

Freedom loss- Basically, once you get married, you wont be able to just come and go anywhere else. You always have to consider your partners permission. A single man used to have a liberty to go out whenever he wants, to spend his money on things he likes without thinking twice but this will definitely change once he get married. This time around a man should always consider his wife and his new family on his every act. Same thing with the woman, she would not be able to go shopping anytime she wants or join a friend for lunch without telling her husband. It may sound suffocating but if trust with each other is build, surely it will overcome most of these situations.

Living with pet peeves- NO one is perfect! Everybody has its own personality imperfection, and you have to deal with it. Meaning, once you get married you should be able to learn and accept your partners defects even those little things like leaving the toilet seat up, or drinking milk directly from the carton. The two of you must need to talk about it over and honestly tell what should be and what should not be done. Being open minded and the willingness to change for the better is necessary to overcome this kind of situation.

NEW Extended Family- Well, this is almost given. When you get married, you only not married that guy or lady but his or her family as well. Unfortunately, there are some who does not go well with their in-laws. If this is the case, one you should know how to adjust. You have to try and learn to mingle with your new extended family.

Advantages of getting married:

Financial Stability- so what exactly financial stability means when it comes to the issue of Marriage. This not refer to gaining money but rather this states that whenever you are in need there is someone you can count on- and that is your partner of course! When you are married, both partners combine their money managing talents and financial assets into one, and pooling together your financial resources is an added benefit of marriage.

Long Term Commitment, Security and Support- Once you get married, you have the peace of mind that your partner is really yours. Much more, it feels great that you know you have someone who will take care of you, have good times with and go home to after a day of tiring work.

Raising kids- the most wonderful advantage is actually having kids of your own and raising them as a team. It is a gift, a magnificent blessing. Being married gives you the right to have children and let them “legally” wear your name.

These are just some few factors and relationship advice you have to learn once you get married. Think before making a decision, prepare yourself. Remember that there is more to learn as you go along the way. 

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